RERO: Detect Changes"> RERO: Detect Changes">
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3.5 Detect Changes

Change detection is one of the fundamental steps for how RERO determines if a release attempt should be made (5). If the "amount" of change is not sufficient, the release attempt is aborted; otherwise the release attempt continues.

The default action of RERO, when no files have been configured for change detection, is to assume there was change and perform a release. This is useful for those who wish to use RERO as a simple release tool without automation (6).

To determine the "amount" of change, RERO looks at the total number of tests performed and calculates the percentage that reported change. It compares this with a setting that can be defined in the configuration file. The default setting is 100%, meaning that all tests must report that change was found in order for the release attempt to continue.

This architecture, in combination with the change detection methods, provides generous room for customization of how RERO determines there is sufficient change to justify a release.

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