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For change types, the key is made with the profile in question followed by the change type, followed by the file in question, all separated by a . character. For example:

rero.md5sum.README = 1e60d29671957b81ddfa591ec5c6bcd3

Note that the file is searched for in the work area(3) for release if it is not a full path. In order to monitor arbitrary files outside the work area, simply give a full path beginning with the / character.

Note that it is possible to have multiple change types for the same file:

rero.md5sum.README = 1e60d29671957b81ddfa591ec5c6bcd3
rero.rcsver.README = 1.10
rero.diffs.README = 1.10

To add a new file to monitor, create the appropriate change key with an empty value.

For descriptions of how change detection uses the values, see the "Detect Changes" step and the cache file reference See section 3.5 Detect Changes, See section 4.2 Cache File.

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