RERO: Apply Control Tag"> RERO: Apply Control Tag">
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3.3 Apply Control Tag

In order for the release to be consistent when multiple developers are working on the code, and especially for automation, RERO uses a control tag to work on. This means that a temporary mark is placed on the source tree, in the revision control system, that acts as a starting point for the remaining steps in the release process. This tag is not the release tag. In fact, it is removed from the tree before the release process finishes (4).

The control tag name is based on the release version found in the previous step. Typically, this name is prefixed with a value set in the configuration file. This will depend on the revision control system you are using. For CVS the default prefix is "test-". In addition, the version may be transformed in order to be used in your particular revision control system. In CVS, for instance, the . characters are replaced by - characters. For example:

1.2.4  =>  test-1-2-4

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