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2.1 Options

rero [OPTION] ... [PROFILE] ...

Below are options to be used with RERO. Any option not handled is treated as a release profile name to be released. If no profile names are given, all release profiles that are found in the configuration will begin release attempts.

Print help information, then exit.

Print version of RERO, then exit.

Verbosely report processing.

Don't remove temporary files created by RERO.

Report only errors and releases.

Only print configuration in memory, then exit.

`-f [file]'
Use [file] instead of ~/.rerorc for configuration.

`-l [file]'
Use [file] instead of ~/.rero.log for logging.

`-c [file]'
Use [file] instead of ~/.rerocache for cache.

`-a, --announce'
Don't skip the announce step of the release.

`-i, --inactive'
Skip all steps except for loading the cache.

`-r [ver]'
Use [ver] as the version of the release.

`-e [email]'
Append [email] to list of recipients if announcing with the email method. This option can be specified multiple times.

2.1.1 Example Usage  

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