RERO: Example Usage"> RERO: Example Usage">
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2.1.1 Example Usage

Normally RERO can be run without any options to perform minor releases:

$ rero

To see what RERO is doing in more detail, the `-v' option can be used:

$ rero -v

If you have multiple profiles, you may want to only specify one for release:

$ rero -v rero

Someday you may want to make a major release. The `-r' option is useful for this purpose:

$ rero -v -r 0.1.0 rero

Of course, you may prefer to announce the major releases:

$ rero -v -r 0.1.0 -a rero

If you need to announce a particular release only, without actually attempting any new releases, do:

$ rero -air 0.1.0 rero

To just see what RERO thinks about your configuration file:

$ rero -t

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